Black Comet

(NV Beau Bey x Off Main Street by Back Street+)

Homozygous black colt foaled 5/31/2013 

This exotic black colt is the latest foal from the exceptional cross of NV Beau Bey and Off Main Street hat has produced so many incredible foals!  This colt is "Aristocrat Mare" Off Main Street's 20th foal!  He is very elegant with a beautiful dished head, long, upright neck, strong hip, and beautiful movement.  He should have the gorgeous long, thick mane & tail
is typical of this line.  Marked only with a few white hairs on his head.  Don't miss the chance
to own this exotic black colt!

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 Black Comet
Black Comet
Black Comet

Black Comet




Desiree In Black
(Mystic Jamaal x Angel In Black by Black)


Wow - the third exceptional black filly in a row for Mystic Jamaal and Angel In Black.  This filly is just as gorgeous as her full sisters Dream In Black and Destiny In Black.  Very short, exotic head, beautifully arched neck, very smooth bodied with a great topline, long legged, and beautiful movement. 

One of the best quality black fillies you will find anywhere!


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video at 3 weeks of age         video at 5 months of age

Black Comet
Black Comet
Black Comet


Mariposa Bey
(NV Beau Bey x Precious Flame by Bask Flame)

"Merry" is a gorgeous black 2006 mare with a very beautiful head and neck, good body and lovely movement. She is getting more and more beautiful as she matures. Mariposa Bey's first foal was a flashy black colt with four matched white socks by Borsalino Bey.

Mariposa Bey foaled an exceptionally tall and typy Mystic Jamaal filly this year named Marietta Jamaal that we plan to retain for our broodmare band.  She in foal to Victorius for a May, 2014 foal.  Mariposa Bey will be available for sale after foaling, she can be bred back to Mystic Jamaal or Victorius. 

Mariposa Bey trotting


Horses Recently Sold

Black Comet



Black Comet
(NV Beau Bey x Enchantment Bey by Jake Jamaal JCA+)

SOLD - Congratulations to Susan Espeseth

Tall and elegant 2010 homozygous black colt. 

Pretty, refined head, long fine neck, long legs, and beautiful movement and tail carriage. 

This lovely colt's dam was exported to Sweden.

Photos taken 4/21/13.



Video below taken April 18, 2013

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 Black Comet Black Comet  Black Comet


Black Comet



Precious Flame
(Bask Flame x Nite Elegance by Padrons Mahogany)

SOLD - Congratulations to Sydney Henson & Bruce Becht!

1999 chestnut mare 

For the first time we are offering one of our best broodmares - Precious Flame.  Only available as we are retaining three of her exotic black daughters. 

Precious Flame is extremely typy and has a beautiful neck, great body with lots of substance, and pretty movement.  Her foals have been some of the most beautiful that we have produced.  Photos do not do her justice.  

Precious is double recessive for agouti and produces 100% black foals bred to homozygous black stallions.


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 Black Comet Black Comet Black Comet


Destiny In Black



Destiny In Black
(Mystic Jamaal x Angel In Black by Black)

SOLD - Congratulations to Cathy Shibata of California!

Very exotic homozygous black filly foaled 4/13/2012.  Full sister to the gorgeous Dream in Black and every bit as beautiful.  Deeply dished head, lovely neck, smooth bodied, and beautiful movement. 

One of the nicest black fillies you will find anywhere!   

No white markings other than a few hairs on her head.

Flash - Destiny has begun her show career and in her first two shows is now a Scottsdale Top Ten filly and a Las Vegas Top Five!

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 Destiny In Black Destiny In Black   Destiny In Black


Majestic In Black
(NV Beau Bey x Black Silk by MS Rafiq)  

SOLD - Congratulations to Cathy Shibata!

Black Silk and NV Beau Bey have done it again with another outstanding full brother to “Black” born 5/20/2012.  This awesome colt has been tested homozygous black! He is very tall and upright with a beautiful head and neck, great body and topline, and lots of leg.  Outstanding show and breeding prospect!  

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Mystic Delta Night

(Mystic Jamaal x Clementine Bey by PFC Trevallon)

SOLD - Congratulations to Sally Clark of California!

Big, beautiful homozygous black colt marked with a star and snip. Born 6/2/12.   Very tall and leggy, beautiful head and neck, great body.  This looks to be an outstanding colt!   

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