(Baske-Tu by *Bask++ x Mi Raquel by *Bask++)
1978 black stallion

Syrtaki was the horse that pretty much started it all for us.  Purchased in 1985, Syrtaki was selected for his beautiful Arabian type, smooth body, and incredible pedigree (a double *Bask++ grandson).   

It soon became evident that his rare black color was definitely an added bonus from a marketing stand point.  Thus began our interest in breeding black Arabians. 

Our main goal has always been to breed quality horses with type, outstanding conformation, fabulous movement, and great pedigrees.  Getting the black color on top of that became an added challenge.

Syrtaki  had a fabulous temperament and was a much loved member of our family.  He died much too young at the age of 19 due to an entrolith.  He is still greatly missed and we regret not having any of his descendants still in our breeding program.





MS Rafiq

MS Rafiq
(Gdansk+ x Dahna Malika)
1979 black stallion

MS Rafiq was the second black stallion to enter our breeding program.  He was purchased in 1987 to breed to our Syrtaki daughters (and to eventually breed  his daughters to Syrtaki).  MS Rafiq was an extremely typy stallion with a gorgeous head and neck and beautiful movement. 

His type and ultra long mane and forelock were trademarks he passed to most of his offspring as well as a lot of quality.  MS Rafiq’s daughter is one of the most treasured members of our broodmare band and has produced several outstanding foals for us including the stallion “Black”.  

MS Rafiq was a brother in blood to the great double National Champion and  “Aristocrat Mare” Bint Miss Fire.  We were so impressed with how well MS Rafiq sired for us, it later inspired us to buy the great Bint Miss Fire son, NV Beau Bey.



Saud El Ameer
Saud El Ameer

(*Adhem x Gita RSI)
1977 Homozygous Black Stallion
Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd

Saud El Ameer was purchased in 1987 as an outcross for our two *Bask++ bred stallions, Syrtaki and MS Rafiq.  Saud El Ameer was an impressive stallion with lots of size and substance and a fabulous disposition. 

He became a very popular sire and became one of the all time leading Egyptian sires as well as one of the all time leading sires of black Arabians.  We are proud to have been involved in this incredible stallion’s breeding career, he has had a world wide influence on the Arabian breed.  

Saud El Ameer 




Borsalino Bey


Borsalino Bey
(*Borsalino K x Beau's Dancer by NV Beau Bey)

In the year 2000, we bought two breedings to the outstanding Brazilian stallion Borsalino K while he was standing in the U.S.A.  We were hoping for an outcross stallion from these breedings.  Our lovely NV Beau Bey daughter Beau’s Dancer gave us an outstanding homozygous black colt who we named Borsalino Bey. 

Borsalino Bey grew into an outstanding stallion with a beautiful head and neck, great body and topline, and outstanding movement.  He sired some outstanding foals for us and our clients and his frozen semen has been exported to Poland and Australia.  In 2011 Borsalino Bey was sold to China.  It was a hard decision to part with him but we were reducing our herd and he is now making his mark in yet another country.   Borsalino Bey


(NV Beau Bey x Black Silk by MS Rafiq)

Black is an awesome black stallion foaled 3/18/02.  With two of the most beautiful black Arabians in the world as his parents, how could he be anything but spectacular?

Exotic short dishy head, big eye, tiny tippy ears, long arched neck, great body, and a lovely mover!  Black sired some incredible foals for us and we are proud to have two of his outstanding daughters in our broodmare band (Black In Fashion and Angel In Black who has already produced several outstanding foals by Mystic Jamaal). 

Black has always stood in the shadow of his illustrious sire here and never bred as many mares as he should have.  In 2011 the difficult decision was made to let Black go so he could have more opportunities to prove just how great of a sire he is.  Black is now standing at Haras De Cardenas in Santa Ynez, CA,  where he is being used to breed the majority of their mares.  We can’t wait to see the incredible foals they get next year!  Black Scottsdale











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