We have no mares left in our band; they have all found great new homes and we wish their owners many years of enjoyment with them!


Former Mares that have gone to new homes or greener pastures  


Black Silk


Black Silk
(MS Rafiq by Gdansk+ x Bey Shameh by Bey Shah+)

1992 black mare. Black Silk's exotic beauty is known around the world! Shown once under saddle, Black Silk was Top 5 in the tough SCAHA Western Pleasure Futurity. Black Silk is already proving herself a fantastic producer of quality foals! 

Black Silk had an absolutely stunning black colt named "Black" by NV Beau Bey in 2002 who we stood for several years and who sired some outstanding foals for us including the mares Angel In Black and Black In Fashion.  We are sad to report Black Silk lost beautiful twin colts this year despite having been ultrasounded.  We are happy that Black Silk has survived this ordeal.  Black Silk has gone to Maegan Friesen of Saskatoon, Canada.




Off Main Street
(Back Street+ by *Eter x Nabaska by *Bask++)
4-28-1988 - 10/2/2013
R.I.P. - we miss you!

Very typy black 1988 mare who consistently produces exotically beautiful foals!  Off Main Street is now the dam of nineteen foals (seventeen registered - two died young before registration), including eleven by NV Beau Bey (as well as one each by his son Black, and his grandson, Borsalino Bey).  This has proven to be an amazing cross producing foals with extreme arabian type and athletic ability. Her 1997 black NV Beau Bey colt Santa Fe Bey, is a multiple Junior Champion and twice the High Point Halter Horse for the Arabian Horse Association of New Mexico, and a multiple Champion and Regional winner in Open Western Pleasure. 

Main Street's 1998 black NV Beau Bey filly, Elvira Bey is also a multiple Junior Champion and was a Region 9 Top Ten Sweepstakes filly as well as going on to be U.S. & Canadian National Top Ten Western Pleasure Junior Horse!  Main Street's ultra exotic 2001 filly Mona Lisa Bey, was exported to England and was Reserve Supreme Champion in her first show there and went on to be U.K. International Top Ten! 

Off Main Street's absolutely exotic 2006 black daughter "Angel In Black" (by "Black") has been retained as a broodmare and is consistently producing exotic foals for us. 

Off Main Street is  qualified as an ARABIAN HORSE WORLD "Aristocrat" mare (dam of four or more Champions).  Off Main Street foaled a stunning homozygous black filly in 2012 who we will be retaining.  Her name is "Off Memory Lane". 

FLASH!  Off Main Street  foaled her 20th (and final)  foal on May 31, 2013 - a gorgeous solid black colt by NV Beau Bey who we named Devereau!  This tall, typy, elegant colt looks like another winner from this very successful cross!

 View a video of Off Main Street below (this is old footage taken off an old VHS tape)




Bey Shameh
(Bey Shah+ x N-V Valentine by Fixeyn)
2/29/1980 - 5/14/2008

It is with extreme sadness that we bid fairwell to our dear old friend Bey Shameh , who graced our lives for over eighteen years and became our most important and influental broodmare. She was known here as "The Queen Mother". She is the dam of Champions and her daughters have become some of our best producing mares.

 Her descendants are now spread across the globe from Europe, to the Middle East, South America, and Australia! We have several generations descending from her in our breeding program. Bey Shameh was a Regional Halter Champion and Scottsdale Top Ten in her limited show career.

Shameh had several outstanding foals by NV Beau Bey. Her last foal was an absolutely gorgeous 2004 bay colt by Borsalino Bey who is a Regional Top 3. Bey Shameh is qualified as an ARABIAN HORSE WORLD "Aristocrat" mare as the dam of four Champions! Shameh is pictured in 2007 with our then 14 year old daughter, Cyndi, who was breaking her to ride at 27 years young! Below is some older video footage of Bey Shameh that was taken off an old VHS tape. I hope you enjoy it!


My Raven
My Raven
((Aladdinns Goal by *Aladdinn x Bey Shameh x Bey Shah+)
1987 black mare.

My Raven was one of our most successful mares. She is the dam of Champions in the U.S. and Europe, including Syr Valiant (by Syrtaki), U.K. International Top Ten and British National Top Ten! Three of My Raven's foals have been exported in the past. This year My Raven's daughter, My Midnite Dancer (by MS Rafiq) had two of her foals go British National Top Ten (both 2nd in their classes)! My Raven's 2003 colt, Poseidon Bey (by NV Beau Bey) was her fourth export - he was sold to England!

Photos on the New Arrivals page! My Raven is also the dam of First lyte, 2007 Scottsdale Champion Sport Horse Under Saddle and 2007 Reserve Champion Sport Horse In Hand Stallion! My Raven foaled a big, beautiful, incredible moving black colt named Mystic Victory by Mystic Jamaal in 2007. While My Raven has been sold to Deborah Osborn of Maryland, she remains an important part of our breeding program through her grandson Borsalino Bey, and granddaughters Enchantment Bey and Clementine Bey. View some video footage of My Raven below: 


Golden Silk


Golden Silk
(GA Hal Psyche by Padrons Psyche x Black Silk by MS Rafiq)

1997 bay mare.  Exotic daughter of U.S. and Canadian National Champion Futurity Colt, GA Hal Psyche. Golden Silk has produced three exotic bay fillies by NV Beau Bey.  One of these fillies, Belle Bey+ took four Regional Championships and two National Top Tens in Sport Horse Mares In Hand in 2006 and so far in was 2007 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Sport Horse Mare In Hand and Region 1 Champion Sport Horse Mare! 

In 2005, Golden Silk had an absolutely stunning, extremely tall black colt also by NV Beau Bey named American Hero, who has been exported to Australia where he is creating quite a sensation!   

Golden Silk has been sold!  


Enchantment Bey


Enchantment Bey
(Jake Jamaal JCA x Beau's Dancer by NV Beau Bey)

Enchantment Bey is a gorgeous, very tall and typy 2005 bay mare with an exteme head, great shoulder and long upright  neck!  She carries the recessive gene for black and will produce black (and more importantly should produce quality)!  Enchantment Bey's first foal was an absolutely incredible top show quality 2009 bay colt by Mystic Jamaal.  Enchantment Bey had an exceptional black colt by NV Beau Bey for us in 2000 named Black Comet.

She has been sold to Sweden where she foaled an incredibly exotic black Mystic Jamaal filly.




Prima Donna Bey


Prima Donna Bey
(NV Beau Bey x Golden Silk)

Prima Donna is an exquisite 2002 bay mare.  She has matured to look much like her exotic dam Golden Silk although she has an even longer neck (courtesy of her sire, NV Beau Bey).  Prima Donna is a very special mare and she knows it! Prima Donna produced an absolutely stunning bay filly by Mystic Jamaal named Mystic Jewell.  

Prima Donna Bey has been purchased by Berengere Dubost of France - we wish her the best of luck with this exquisite mare!



Lady Beau Bey


Lady Beau Bey
(NV Beau Bey x Bey Shameh by Bey Shah+)

Tall, elegant 1998 black mare who is 50% Bey Shah+ blood!  Lady has a very refined head, and a super long, super fine neck with a tiny little throatlatch. She is extremely upright and long legged, and is an incredible mover.  Full sister to Scottsdale Top Ten English Pleasure Junior Horse, Bolero Bey.  Lady's 2007 foal is a tall and typy black filly named Mystic Kontessa by Mystic Jamaal who sold to Texas!  She is checked in foal to Mystic Jamaal for her 2009 foal.

Lady Beau Bey has been sold to Anne Laure Giroud of France and has foaled an absolutely incredible black colt by Mystic Jamaal that Anne Laure plans to retain as a stallion!


Ameera Bey


Ameera Bey
(NV Beau Bey x Midnight Dreamer by Saud El Ameer)

Big, bold homozygous black 1999 NV Beau Bey daughter out of a daughter of the great Saud El Ameer which combines the blood of two of the all time leading sires of black Arabians.  Ameera Bey has produced some beautiful foals including two sons who were exported to the United Kingdom. 


Precious Flame

Precious Flame
(Bask Flame x Nite Elegance by Padrons Mahogany)

Chestnut 1999 mare who brings more *Bask++ blood into our breeding program, through Bask Flame who we've always admired.  Precious Flame has been DNA tested not to carry the agouti gene and will produce 100% black foals bred to homozygous black stallions.  

Precious Flame has been a very influential mare in our breeding program.  We currently own her exceptional black daughter Precious In Black (NV Beau Bey), as well as her gorgeous granddaughter, Marietta Jamaal (Mystic Jamaal x Mariposa Bey).  We recently sold her beautiful daughters Mariposa Bey (NV Beau Bey) and Black In Fashion (Black) to Kuwait.

View Video Here


Angel In Black



Angel In Black
(Black x Off Main Street by Back Street+)

Angel In Black is a daughter of our "Aristocrat" Off Main Street and is a black 2006 mare.  Angel is very exotic with an extremely typy head, beautiful neck, and lots of charisma.

Angel In Black's extremely exotic 2011 filly Dream In Black by Mystic Jamaal drew attention from around the world.  She foaled an equally gorgeous homozygous black filly by Mystic Jamaal on April 13, 2012 who we named Destiny In Black.  Destiny In Black is a Scottsdale Top Ten Halter Filly and also went Top Five at the prestigious Las Vegas show. 

  View Video Here  








Clementine Bey

Clementine Bey
(PFC Trevallon x Beau's Dancer by NV Beau Bey)

Tall, pretty, homozygous black Magnum Psyche granddaughter.  Full sister to Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Filly, Trev's Jewell.  Clementine Bey's  first foal was a beautiful solid black filly by NV Beau Bey named Black Shine who was sold to France.  This was our first time breeding NV Beau Bey to one of his granddaughters and we are thrilled with the result! 

Clementine Bey's stunning 2010 homozygous black filly named Nightwish (by Black) was exported to Belgium.  

Clementine Bey foaled a huge, beautiful, homozygous black filly in 2013 that is by far the tallest foal we have ever had at birth.  This filly was sold to Canada.  Clementine Bey had a gorgeous homozygous black NV Beau Bey filly in 2015.

Clementine is checked in foal to Mystic Jamaal for 2017.

View Video Here









Mariposa Bey  
(NV Beau Bey x Precious Flame by Bask Flame)

"Merry" is a gorgeous black 2006 mare with a very pretty head and neck, good body and lovely movement. She is getting more and more beautiful as she matures. Mariposa Bey's first foal was a beautiful black colt with four matched white socks by Borsalino Bey.

Mariposa Bey foaled an exceptionally tall and typy Mystic Jamaal filly in 2013 named Marietta Jamaal that we plan to retain for our broodmare band.  Mariposa Bey's 2014 foal is an exceptionally beautiful filly named Viva Victoria by our young stallion Victorius.  Mariposa Bey is in foal to Mystic Jamaal for 2015.

Mariposa Bey has been sold to Kuwait.

View Video Here


Mariposa Bey trotting


Black In Fashion


Madeleine Bey
(NV Beau Bey  x Clementine Bey by PFC Trevallon)

Madeleine Bey is a beautiful homozygous black filly with a lovely head, nice neck, and excellent body. As our last NV Beau Bey daughter we were planning to retain her for our broodmare band but with our decision to retire she will now be offered for purchase.

 Mariposa Bey trotting


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